why citylab

City laboratories offer to you and your family a list of benefit in medical lab. field as follow:

1-a great experience in medical lab. field

2-latest and fully updated medical lab. machine with highest technology enable us to perform competitively in this field with a high quality staff.

3-City lab. gained new certificate specialized in accuracy of medical lab. result from most famous medical lab. in British called RIQAS concerned with accuracy of result.

4-we offer a home visits to you and your family to save your time and cost and this service available 24 hours per day.

5-we have a high quality staff to get blood sample from your babies starting day 1.

6-we offer a new born tests (a group of tests check a full health status of your kid)

7-we offer checkup tests and follow up tests also with a reduced cost

8-we are contracted with a huge number of medical service companies listed in our site

9-our branches is opened daily from 8:30 am till 12 pm

10-we offer a valuable service called emergency service to get your test result within 2 hours only.

11-our web site give you a chance to know and print your test result online

12-for Canal and Domiate area we have geographical excellent coverage

13-we use FDA approved chemicals guaranteed a high quality and accurate results compatible with high quality machine (Roche Hitachi machines)

14-we use bar code tech. to avoid mistakes in sample exchange

15-we offer a follow up card for every customer with unique number to save the time at next visit to enter again his information