Importance of Medical lab. tests

Recently, there is a mass presence of medical labs. and a strong relationship between physician and medical labs. to right diagnose the case so medical labs. has to improve his services ,and we can focus analytically on this field in the past and nowadays.
in the past the patient bought his treatment directly from pharmacy or based on experience of his physician and how long diagnosis his case.
so the patient bought his treatment from pharmacy with doupt in right diagnosis of his case.
recently, we noticed that all specialized physician requested medical lab. test check up.
so we have to focus on the importance of medical lab. tests and how it helps in right and accurate diagnosis of the case.
patient has misconception toward medical lab. cost specially with low income patient but this conception express limited vision because right test save money on the long term.
Medical lab. tests helping in:
1-diagnosis accurately specially in diseases with common symptoms and not differentiated unless making medical lab. tests to avoid patient life threat.
2-helping in right treatment direction.
3-helping right follow up during treatment.
4-diagnosis of many diseases.
5-helping patient to avoid hypersensitivity treatment.
6-helping in medical research.
7-protecting the patient from diseases at early stage through periodical check up.
so in City lab. we are care about all this issues and ready to this mission with latest high professional staff and well equipment with high tech. machines.